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OC profile-written
by ~Gohan-Rulez34

Name: Violet Harris

Nickname/Alias: The Cat (or Cat for short)

Age: 16

DOB: October 7th

Blood Type: O+

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 122

Build: Slim but fit

Series(if any):

Clothes: Civilian- Black skinny jeans, black boots, shades, and a shirt that says, "Keep staring at this, and I'll scratch your eyes out."
                Hero- Black tank top, shorts, fingerless leather gloves, and pouches on her wrist that carry her weapons, black hankerchief that covers lover half of face, her ears, tail, and combat boots that change into roller blades.  

Hair color & style: Jet Black, always down, heavy bangs over right eye, and slightly wavy

Eye color: Cat-like green

Skin color: Not pale but far from tan; a light olive

Power& Abilities: Bulletproof skin, perfect balance because of her tail, martial arts, and gymnastics

Weapons(if any): Needles she carries in the pouches on her wrist.  The ones she carries on her right wrist are thick and short, meant for throwing; they knock people out.  The ones on her left are long and thin, meant to be injected; they make people tell the truth

Home town: Gotham

Personality: Bitter, antisocial, and sarcastic.  But very caring toward friends

Background: Violet was born in Gotham City and her parents abadoned her to the foster system. She was thrown from foster home to foster home. Some she was taken away because they treated her like a slave or because she caused too much trouble. Then she was adopted by a kind martial arts teacher, Jenny Sakire, who trained her to be observant, catious, and graceful. Violet grew up deeply admiring Batman, Nightwing, and Catwoman longing to be one of Gotham's vigilantes. With her newfound skills, she took a vow againstt crime.

When she 14, Jenny was killed in a gang crossfire. Violet when on a vigilante rampage throughout the entire city, but over the next few months calmed down and began to take on bigger cases. During one of them, she was watching a lab, which she suspected was doing illegal experiments with animan DNA. She and Batman got into an argument on the roof and she fell in, causing a brief fight the security guards. She tried to escape,bt the scientist had sabatoges the lab, causing it to explode. When Violet woke up, she had cat-like ears, tail, and eyes; plus she had sharpened senses. Since she never had a name before, she called herself The Cat, afer her new looks. Later that week, when she was stopping a mugging, she was shot at. The bullet bounced right off her skin. She quickly took advantage of this power. She later thought the scientist were creating impossibly strong animal soldiers.  (Later on, she learned to retract her ears and tail, but wears shades to cover up her eyes.)

She left for Jump City because she was tired of Batman trying to get in her way.

Race: Latina

Gender: Female

Nationality: Mexican

Orientation: Straight

Tattoos or scars:

Allegiance(Good,Evil,Neatual): Good

Unusual features: She has ears, a tail, and cat-like eyes

Occupation: Martial arts teacher

Hobbies: Training and rollerblading

Likes: Cats, rollerblading, the color black, training, investigating, experimenting, and fighting crime

Dislikes: Showing a lot of emotion, being interrupted in the middle of an ivestigation/experiment, the color pink, dumb questions, wimps, ignorance, guns, and talking a lot

Family: Jenny Harris (deceased)

Character relationships:  Close to Robin for common interest in investigation, and Raven for common interest in meditation

Preferred seiyu:

Preferred Voice actor:

Theme song: Iridescent by Linkin Park

Stats: Intelligence and agility is high.  Social skills are very, very, VERY low

Personal quote: "I am The Cat."  and "There's no fun in being on the sidelines . . . even when your the #$%&*@^ cheerleader."
My new OC, The Cat. I very much doubt anyone's gonna read this since there's no picture, but still I'll ask for comments anyway.

Please comment!

The Cat (c) Me

Profile (c) Gohan-Rulez34
VampQueen-246 Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This is a great OC, I know that she would make a terrific addition to the TT
toughcookie27 Featured By Owner May 24, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. :)
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